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Carers UK Forum • 10 month wait to see Gyneacologist
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10 month wait to see Gyneacologist

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2021 10:59 am
by Huegatort
Hi to all Carer's here, I hope that today will be a good one, a little easier anyway.

Like most here, I'm up each day and out doing all that goes with being a Carer, unfortunately this year I fell, twisting my neck, back and left wrist.

I was taken to A&E by my very concerned Husband but my Dr ignored the hospitals recommendations! It was only when I ask another Dr from my Surgery that I had an x ray and discovered I had spondylosis in my neck. Now I knew what was wrong I could cope with it mainly by myself.

I had aggravated an old back injury and needed help but Dr said he couldn't arrange MRI but I had to see Physio first but there was the problem; a 4/5 month! We paid £890 for a private MRI and once again I knew what was wrong so could help myself there and it alleviated our concerns.

Waited 5 months for Women's Pelvic Health Physio who was concerned about an issue I have. I was discharged but my problem got worse!

Feeling very unwell and in pain I saw Dr but when I arrived at the surgery a really nasty receptionist looked at us and said it's a telephone consultation. I apologized and then we heard her speaking to the Dr saying patient arrived in surgery but it's a phone consultation are you able to see them and are you sure Dr!

I have had at least 5 telephone consultations and I have never gone to surgery, so why would one go if a telephone consultation was arranged.

As it worked out Dr did examine me and has an idea what the problem is but not sure! "I will refer you to see Gynaecologist but there's a 10month wait!"

This problem escalated over night and I have been in dreadful pain. My Husband phoned the surgery and was able to get me an appointment. When this Dr saw us sitting there her face dropped, it was as if we had done something criminal; it felt awful.

She examined me once again and then said I don't know what it is? I made clear that it was all the same as yesterday but the problem had escalated. She offered me strong painkillers! My Husband being so concerned and the fact that I have never looked so ill ask the Dr could she send me to the hospital there and then. Her reply was, "it wouldn't be right as a professional to send you to the hospital when it's not needed!"

So now I have to wait. This is really affecting my life and my caring role! I have to say for the first time ever in all of my life, I am frightened because I can't help myself by going to the chemist or helping myself as I have always done by looking after myself.

The one Dr that has been there for years and knows me well, is impossible to see. There are more Dr's at surgery now, none that I know and the one Dr that is there and knows me appears to only be at surgery for a few days; so virtually impossible.!

I despair at these changes!

Re: 10 month wait to see Gyneacologist

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2021 7:56 pm
by Penny
You shouldn’t HAVE to but if you experience severe pain again just get your OH to take you to A and E. I have only been to A and E once in my life and that was when I thought I’d broken my ankle playing hockey when I was about 18. However, these are different times and it seems this is now the only way to get taken seriously.

It’s all very well being prescribed painkillers but sometimes they can mask what’s really going on. My adult son was in agony with abdominal pain, I drove him to the GP who said take painkillers and he got another doctor in and she didn’t know what was wrong either. He came out and told me and I said “I think you have appendicitis” and he said “oh yeah and you know more than 2 doctors”. It turned out I did, because ……..

He took painkillers and went to bed and at midnight my OH dialled 999 and he was rushed to hospital where they said his appendix had ruptured. The surgeon said it had burst and gone everywhere and he just hoped he had removed all the bits. A month down the line and son was very ill and readmitted and was operated on again to clean out whatever else was left behind. If they had just sent him to hospital they would have been able to remove the appendix before it ruptured.

Let us know how you get on. Xxx

Re: 10 month wait to see Gyneacologist

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2021 1:41 pm
by Huegatort
Hi Penny

Thank you so much for your kind supportive words and for taking the time to reply and share your story here. This will not only help me but others here.

I am sorry that your Son had to go through this experience/ordeal and thank goodness he recovered.

My Dr sent my Son to the Dentist when his face had fallen; he had had a stroke; he is lucky to be alive because he survived without treatment. It has left him with balance issues, sight and hearing impairment too. He has severe mental health problems and Asperger's and it hasn't helped either problem. So please know that I do understand where you are coming from and how dangerous things can turn quickly, when a person is not given the right course of medical action.

The Dr I saw was female and my Husband has said if she felt as unwell as you do and had your pain, she would want help yesterday!

She tried to say that with taking strong painkillers for my back that they don't work as well. I made clear to her that if I ever take painkillers for my back it is only for very short periods. Then she said it could be your fibromyalgia distorting the pain! Once again I made it clear to her that it did not distort the pain but I have never responded well to painkillers since I was a child. She was grasping at straws!

She was saying that she could not feel the fibroids and there was only 2. My very detailed MRI scan told her that I had numerous fibroids and so did the ultra sound scan that I had done recently. My Pelvic health Physio also made it very clear that the fibroids are very big! I think she thinks because she can't feel them that all is okay!

I get up each day and pray to God that the pain and discomfort doesn't escalate. I am aware that there is a waiting list and many women are on it and I am not trying to jump that queue! I can't stop passing water and the discomfort is dreadful, like I have severe period pain, my poor stomach looks pregnant too and it's not my IBS because that comes and goes, this stays.

I told her I was a Carer and I was desperate to get well due to this but this fell on deaf ears; it's like this didn't matter at all! Why is it that people don't recognize the huge contribution to society that we make, saving the tax payer billions! But also that our health is paramount in the job that we do. Just because we don't get paid doesn't mean to say we don't work as hard as everyone else!

I will keep you informed Penny and I pray it's good news sooner than later xxx

Re: 10 month wait to see Gyneacologist

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2021 3:25 pm
by Melly1
Hi Hugetort and Penny,

such shocking stories and unfortunately all too common.

I had to fight to get S's very severe constipation treated, the GP kept feeling his tummy and saying it was lovely and soft (he was in dreadful pain every time he had the urge to go, was being sick because he was so blocked up and was injuring himself and others because of the pain) Finally a different GP sent him for an X ray and his entire bowel was full of faeces ... then began the long and difficult treatment to gradually get rid of it all. If they had listened in the beginning - his suffering could have been avoided.
Same with getting a diagnosis and treatment for his epilepsy.

Hugetort I hope you get treatment soon, I know several people who have been through the same - so debilitating.


Re: 10 month wait to see Gyneacologist

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2021 9:56 pm
by Huegatort
Hi Melly

Due to your experience with S; you to recognize that if you don't get the correct treatment when it's needed, then that patients suffering is unbearable and matters do escalate rapidly and this is my concern. As you have said, all S's suffering could have been avoided!

I had a Cousin with fibroids, in the end the whole lot came crashing down into her vagina; now if this had been treated on time, it would have saved more time and money for the NHS but more so for my dear Cousin; her suffering was made worse and this is why I am worried, I don't want to suffer further problems due to this mammoth wait!

How some Dr's sleep in their bed at night I do not know, because sadly some don't give a damn and I'm speaking from harsh personal experience from family and friends.

People often say the NHS is free but it is NOT!!! We all pay into it all our lives and why shouldn't we expect to get a good service one that is efficient exactly when it is needed!

I feel Covid is now a go to for slack services and I don't just mean with the NHS but how long will people tolerate this for!

Thanks for your response Melly; it's very much appreciated and so kind of you to share too.

Kind regards