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How to Become an Online streamer In less Budget - Carers UK Forum

How to Become an Online streamer In less Budget

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
I m a gamer lover unable to perform online streaming due to lack of experience. If any of you guys know about this particular field. If yes than please leave your suggestion in comment section. It will be kind.
Its an area I have past interest in but lack the time to pursue, as I'm getting on a bit its more likely I would turn to the literature/blogging side of things anyway, as I can illustrate things pretty well and have an eye for detail

As for things you would need, a good camera, your stream is the content you are showing (your gameplay) and you

The rest including experience will work itself out.
Watch a content creator you have enjoyed - has to have been somebody that inspired you to try this yourself - and watch their oldest available content, alongside a more recent upload and you'll probably see differences in every aspect ;

Their commentary and general demeanour
What they play, their style and approach
Audio and Video quality
Editing quality and length of feature
Recording environment (starts in a random room, becomes a studio)

Also understand the work ethic required for this undertaking.

For example the stigma amongst non-gamers that content creators sit on their arse, living off bank of Mum/Dad, while they just play games all day.. when in actuality, their spending a couple hours actually recording the content itself, and half a day actually editing, finalising and uploading the video they've made.

By all means if you enjoy it give it a go.. but in the current status quo especially considering you have additional responsibilities you need to consider the possibility of generating income from it as a silver lining to something you have fun doing (unless you get some incredible luck)

I mean much of what you would theoretically generate as income would need to be re-invested back into what you were doing (computer hardware, recording equipment, studio, editing suite/software, partnerships) much akin to growing a small business from scratch.

You also need to give consideration to rules regarding benefits with this potential source of income.

Go have a look on the web at the larger gaming communities and try to get a feel for the scene/how things are and figure out what you really want from this and how much you can put in.

Best wishes and good luck with this
- Choosing what game is suitable for playing on your stream is a matter that needs to be considered carefully. To judge this there are many criteria and much depends on the streamer itself.
However, you will also face a lot of difficulties in competing because there are already many famous streamers who have become "top-of-mind" in the minds of viewers when it comes to the popular games mentioned above. . In order to gain a standing and create charisma, you must have something different from them, such as superior gaming skills, extremely funny personality or already a lot of fans. If not, you will just follow and quickly drown in the "countless numbers" of streamers out there with only a few hundred followers.
To prevent this from happening, another option is to find a game that really suits you, a game that you really like to play, really play well and is unique enough to be interesting. for viewers.

- Maintain a fixed schedule when streaming
A person wants to watch their favorite TV show on TV, they will always arrange everything so that they can freely watch that show at a fixed time. The audience watching the stream is the same. So a fixed schedule is very important because there may be a lot of people who have arranged their work so they can wait to see you "on air". In addition to being fixed, you should also build a stream schedule that falls into convenient timeframes so that viewers can easily grasp and follow.
geometry dash
- Interact and chat with viewers
Chatting all of a sudden, especially when the stream is sparse, can be a bit odd, but for a streamer or commentator in general, maintaining a constant flow of talk is actually very important. important. Many times while streaming, there will be some curious viewers suddenly jump in for a few minutes to see if the content is interesting or interesting. And if you see that you are just "silent as sheets" and staring at your computer screen playing games blandly, chances are they will leave your stream to go to another place to watch and even if the skill how skillful you are.

- Expand your network
Meet and get to know many streamers and gamers with similar interests to learn and exchange experiences. You should also participate in conferences, parties or gatherings with the gaming community to expand your relationship and network.
- Always be patient and happy with your passion
At first, every career had its own difficulties and obstacles. If you have considered streaming as your profession, to achieve success, you also have to know how to try, make effort and persevere. So, don't get discouraged or give up early if you experience failure in the first period of time. Be patient and give yourself more time to experiment with new ones.