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When Cash Definately Is King ... Especially If You Buy Lottery Tickets ??? - Carers UK Forum

When Cash Definately Is King ... Especially If You Buy Lottery Tickets ???

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Lottery bosses refuse to pay £4million jackpot to two players who 'bought the winning ticket with a stolen debit card', after it emerged neither had a bank account.

Mark Goodram, 36, and Jon-Ross Watson, 31, claimed victory on a scratchcard.

But Camelot grew suspicious when they discovered neither had a bank account.

They reportedly could not explain how they had paid for the winning ticket.

If they paid cash , who would have known ????
Pity Camelot didn't pay the prize money to the person named on the stolen card - that would have served the thieves right and be a lovely surprise for the victim of crime.
Mystery third man lays claim to criminals' £4 million Lotto scratchcard win as he insists it was HIS card that was used to buy ticket.

Mark Goodram and Jon-Ross Watson, of Bolton, bought scratchcard in Clapham.

Camelot says they used funds that were " Obtained without the owner's consent."

Cardholder giving them his card in return for them paying off his brothel bill/

A mystery man has become the third person to claim that he is the rightful winner of a £4million lottery prize.

The man says that Mark Goodram, 36, and Jon-Ross Watson, 31, both from Bolton, used his card to buy their ticket.

He contacted Camelot to lay his claim for the cash after the gaming giant refused to give the money to the two convicted crooks.

The company says Goodram and Watson paid for their Red Scratchcard with funds 'obtained without the owner's consent', The Sun reports.

They bought it at a Waitrose store in Clapham, South London, and say they had permission from the card owner in return for paying his bill in a brothel, which the man has now denied.

Barrister Henry Hendron QC is threatening to sue Camelot as they allege a breach of contract.
Hey guys, so does it really worth it? Because many times I saw how it works on TV movies and other stuff , but I wonder if it still can be used in real life. However most lottery tickets gets a different system and on different forums I asked this question on which they said that it works in whole world (like natural thing). Anyway what do you think about it, does it really works on it? Because for me hot cold lottery numbers is pretty useful info.
Playing the lottery or ... committing a crime ?

Feelin' lucky today , punk ?

10 years ... as a lone carer chained to one's caree or ... inside for a stretch for armed robbery ?

Come release , as a carer ... sweat it out until that mega state pension kicks in ... hoping that the landlord doesn't mind too much if the rent hasn't
been paid for 2 / 3 months ?

As an ex con ... a parole officer awaits you on your release to guide you back into the outside world.

That nice little nest egg you sorted away 10 years ago means that poverty will be avoided for the foreseeable future.

Decisions , decisions ... ?
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