Windrush Debacle : A Windrush Day To Celebrate ...What Exactly ?

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Windrush generation members to be refused UK citizenship, government announces.

Critics say it is 'scandalous' that Home Office should subject Windrush citizens to conditions other British citizens are not and raise concerns around absence of appeals process.
Windrush victim stuck in Jamaica for 25 years returns to UK

Ken Morgan, whose passport was taken, says he is looking forward to fish and chips

A member of the Windrush generation who spent the past 25 years stuck in Jamaica after his British passport was taken from him has returned to the UK, and said he is looking forward to having fish and chips.

Ken Morgan, 68, said he was offered no help by the British high commission when his documentation was confiscated without explanation at Kingston airport, while he was in Jamaica for a family funeral.

Morgan, who arrived in the UK in 1959, aged nine, was stopped at check-in on his way home, where his passport was taken. He had been in Jamaica ever since.
Windrush: 11 people wrongly deported from UK have died – Javid.

Officials unable to contact many of those affected, suggesting death toll could be higher.

Eight more members of the Windrush generation who may have been wrongly deported by UK authorities have been found to have died, taking the total to at least 11, the home secretary has confirmed.

Sajid Javid said British officials had also been unable to contact many of those thought to have been caught up in the scandal, suggesting the true death toll could be higher still.

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, called the latest revelations a “complete disgrace”. She demanded justice for those affected and an end to the hostile environment policy championed by the prime minister, Theresa May, during her six-year stint as home secretary.

“Deaths of deported British citizens and deportations for convictions that never existed all point to the real evils of the hostile environment,” she said.

“These piecemeal updates show that the government is simply not taking this seriously enough.

“We still do not know the true scale of this scandal, like how many people were deported and imprisoned. The government refuses to implement a hardship fund, even though it’s clear the compensation scheme will not be available for many months.

“The Windrush generation must have justice and the hostile environment must end.”
Just gets better and better ....
Windrush victims classed as criminals in government blunder.

Tally of wrongful deportations and detained likely to rise after Home Office error.

The Home Office has admitted that the number of Windrush people known to have been wrongly deported or detained is likely to rise from the figure of 164, because officials have misclassified a number of affected people as criminals and excluded them from the count.

The admission prompted Labour’s Harriet Harman to accuse the Home Office of “blundering in their attempt to sort out a Home Office blunder”.

As part of its response to the Windrush crisis, the government conducted an official review of 11,800 cases of Caribbean-born people who have been detained or removed since 2002 to assess how many might have been mistakenly targeted despite being legally in the UK.
Is it bad that I continually threaten/'joke' to my mum that i'll 'do a windrush' on her (no such luck as naturalised in '79).... :whistle:
In essence , the Windrush pioneers ... used by the powers to be like a disposable handkerchief ?

Profit from their labour and , when finished . left to fend for themselves ... without protection on the residency front ?

As carers , we know only too well the notion of " Disposal " ... when the caring ends , there is nothing out there to assist us to return to " Normal " life ... whatever that is in this Sad New World.
Home Office under fire over Commonwealth deportations.

Pressure grows after revelation little attempt made to inform deportees of Windrush taskforce.

Pressure is building on the Home Office over its failure to find 49 people deported to Commonwealth countries and inform them of the Windrush taskforce amid warnings that they may have been wrongfully expelled.

The group, which had been held in UK detention centres, were flown to Ghana and Nigeria between March and September last year, before the Windrush scandal erupted.

“I think it’s the moral responsibility of the government to track them down,” said the Green MP, Caroline Lucas, who learned through a series of parliamentary questions to ministers that the Home Office had made no “specific attempt” to inform the 49 that the taskforce exists.

The Home Office minister Caroline Nokes said those concerned could visit a government website for information. In response to earlier questions from Lucas, she said that prior to any enforced removal all individuals are notified of the reasons why they are liable for removal and the destination for removal.