Your Favourite Sweet

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Butter fudge
Minstrels - they're not an old sweet but I love 'em and could eat a family sized packet in one go. (off to hunt some down :lol: )

People used to buy me whole packets of it for birthdays and just when they thought I needed them. I'd eat them fresh out the pack! It can make a nice breakfast snack. I'm never patient enough to shape them into other things, but I love them in shapes. I used to love finding the slice of cake with the thickest layer of marzipan and icing and save the icing 'til last, eating all the cake out of the centre Image

Turkish Delight (rose & lemon)
Ohh yeah! Image
My Dad used to know the man at the Marry-me -quick shop, and if he had had a few drinks on a Saturday he would bring home a yellow and brown candy walking stick .When you could get your teeth into it,it would last for ages.
Ohhh, sounds nice. I love sweets that last for ages Image

Also, welcome to the forum Patricia, glad to have you here. Feel free to introduce yourself in the New Members section, or just jump in to any topic that takes your fancy.
spanish tobacco and snowballs
Walnut Whips Image
My dad likes walnut whips Image
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