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Your Favourite Sweet - Carers UK Forum

Your Favourite Sweet

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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How many favourite sweets have you had in your life? Image Image

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Anything sherberty, likes of refresher chews/bars. Lemon quenchers.
I loved black jacks as a kid and those popper sweets that were banned for a while...you know the ones you put in your mouth and they popped.
Chocolate White Mice- takes me back to childhood Image
Those boiled sweets that are shaped like fish with sugar on the outside.
My mum still buys them from the market for me when I need cheering up Image
Pear drops , cough candy twist . Image Image
Pear drops, Eclairs and popping Candy used to be awesome Image

I dont eat many sweets nowadays, although quite partial to a Whisper
Parma Violets & Gobstoppers Image
Those rainbow-covered chocolate buttons, chocolate limes, sherbert lemons, jamboree bags, popping candy, anything really . . .
Jawbreakers! Similar to gobstoppers I think.
They had Red Hot flavour that was actually difficult to hold in your mouth without making a pained face.
They also had packets of Sweet & Sour, but not both together. Each sweet was either so sweet that your tongue hurt or so sour that your face would retract into itself like sand falling into a hole. You never knew which flavour you'd get until it was in your mouth!

Also, my dad discovered sweets that came with plastic heads, their faces contorted into nauseas expressions. When you pressed the little squidgey bit at the bottom a sweet, goey mush that resembled vomit would spew forth from their mouths! They were great.

My dad also used to buy these strange chocolate lollipops from our local.
61 posts