Which Movie Am I Acting In

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New Game

Guess which Movie I am in, put yourself in the movie , describe it, the other person
has to guess the film. see if we like it. Image

e.g.- I'm dancing down the street in the rain.?

answer - Singing in the Rain.

I'II start us off.

I am in the dark woods, I have a torch, and a wooly hat. Hello , whos there?
Blair Witch Project? Image
Image Image Got it Matty, Your go. Image

I do a lot of driving, petrol is very, very expensive and I'm crazy!
Taxi Driver Image
Taxi Driver Image
Noooo, sorry Minnie Image
Mad Max ?


p.s. That's not me on the smiley......honest Image

Your go Minnie Image
Whatever happened to baby Jane?
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