Where did "Piss Poor" come from?

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They are put in fun and games because they are not meant as facts or to be taken seriously, they are just for a giggle and to amuse, but it was kind of you to take the time to post. Image
I thought Id add some more "interesting facts"
And I thought I would point out that none of them have come from an e-mail or the internet anywhere Image

Texas is the only state which allows you to vote from space

John Laurie was the only member of Dads Army to have served in the Home Guard

Naomi Campbell once appeared as a pupil in Grange Hill

The expression "to make a beeline for ..." arises because bees use the shortest route to their choice of flower.

Bagpipes originally came from Iran. They were brought to Scotland by the Romans.

Sheep will not drink from running water.

A millipede actually has about 750 legs.

Christmas was abolished in England between 1642 - 1652.
A millipede actually has about 750 legs.
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My illusions are totally shattered Image Image