Corrupt a wish

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The idea of this game is that someone makes a wish, which the next poster will grant... but there is something the matter with it. You will then end with a wish of your own that the next replier can corrupt. For example:-

Me: I wish for a cake
You: Your wish is granted but the cake is stale

You: I wish for a cup of coffee...

I'll start with:-

I wish for a nice sunny day
Granted, Beautiful day sun splitting the trees, soooooo hot, Image
Granted, big box of chocolates.......but they are all coconut.

I wish someone would weed my garden.
I'II do the weeding ma dear, don't you worry. your we self.
Every time I spent a penny, I saved
my own special ingredient , beautiful compost, Image
Your wish is granted, but it rains the whole time and you are flooded out

I wish for a good offline game to amuse me for a while
Your wish is granted, complete with a virus Image

I wish the library didn't shut on a Tuesday afternoon.
The library is staying open all day tuesday......but due to cuts is closed for the rest of the week.

Wish my talents as a genius were recognised.
Your talents as a genius were recognised but then Malice walked in and surpassed you!

Wish the faeries come tonight and make my house beautifully clean and tidy Image
Your wish is granted, but now the mess from inside the house is strewn all over the garden.

I wish the ink cartridges in my printer would re fill themselves
Your wish is granted but the printer has broken.

I wish I could lose a stone
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