Two Truths & One Lie

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Number three is correct
My turn

1 I work in a residential home
2 I am currently working on a CD of my singing using different songs I sing at karaoke nights
3 I once duetted with Cher
Number three
Number 3 is indeed the lie
Can I join please? I'll have a go as I'm bored and fed up on Christmas Day!

1. I love cats
2. I've stopped with the local villagers in Vanuatu.
3. I'm frightened of hospitals.
3. I'm frightened of hospitals.
Sorry Simon, you're wrong.

The correct answer is that I stopped with the villagers in Fiji. I was Pacific Island hopping after leaving New Zealand.

I do actually HATE hospitals. They scare me to death!!

You didn't leave 2 truths and 1 lie! Your turn...
I hate Hospital appointments
I do not have a social life
I'm the richest man going
Good to hear from you again, Simon. I hope you're well.

I think the lie is 'I'm the richest man going'! I'd like to think for your sake that this was true...
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