Two Truths & One Lie

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Er... Wait a minute. Let me draw a diagram and I'll get back to you...
Okay, I'm going with no.2
Spot on Minnie Image
Granddaughter no 1 is a month old, granddaughter no 2 is due in 2 months and all the rest are boys! Image
1. I have a black belt in Judo?

2. I can speak 3 languages ?

3. I Love art.?
No 1??
Spot on Myrtle, Image Image Your go.
1 I have flu
2 I have a sprained ankle
3 I have a sore knee

(You can see how 2013's going, can't you! Image )
Ditto((((((((((hugs Myrtle,))))))) back pain all day.

No. 3 is the lie. Image
No 3 was the lie, though as I'm favouring the ankle, the knee is taking the strain!

((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))Min xx
1. I have blue eyes.?

2. I have an angel tattoo.?

3. I have minnie mouse slippers. ?
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