Two Truths & One Lie

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Yea , scary I banged into back of riders helmet, woke up Image

No. 3 I was married , is the lie. ?
Correct.Your shot. Image Image Image
1. I was married. ?

2. I was at a Status Quo concert.?

3. I am a cleaning tidy fanatic . ?
Number 3 is the lie???
Spot on Becks , Your go. Image
1) I love to recycle things in one way or another
2) I can drive
3) I once tried to stop smoking but had an allergic reaction to the glue on the patches
I`ll go for 2,you don`t drive.
Yes , I agree with Michael, I think its no. 2 as well.
Way to go, Michael, number 2 was the right answer Image
Okay. Image

1.I am six feet tall.
2.I used to work in Birminghams Jewellery Quarter.
3.I once owned a Jensen Interceptor.
562 posts