Two Truths & One Lie

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I don`t think you like nudist beaches.......though my imagination is working well. Image
Image Image Image
Spot on Michael , Your go.
Oh man... I can just imagine the picture that is coming up in his next post!!! Image
1.I love the Brazilian rain forest.
2.I have eaten maggots.
3.I drive an M.G.Roadster.
Right first time.Your shot.
1. I fell asleep whilst traveling on back of a motorbike.?

2. I got locked in a bar at closing time?

3. I ran in the marathon, in 3hrs.?
Don`t think you fell asleep on the back of a motor bike. Image
I DID Michael Image Image

No. 3 ( I ran the marathon) was the lie.

Your go Michael , or whoever comes along. Image
Wow.Didn`t think that was possible.

1.I lived in France for a few years.
2.I have swum with a Whale Shark.
3.I was Married.
562 posts