Two Truths & One Lie

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1) I enjoy ironing
2) I like to vacuum
3) I'm a good cook
No.3 Good cook , is the lie. Image
That's right, Minnie... I'm just learning how to cook Image
1. I love the summer.

2. I love doing crosswords.

3. I love looking at art.
3.Don`t think you like looking at art.
Nope , love art,
No. 1 is the lie, I am a winter person.

My fav. art is the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. couple of fav.

You have next go Michael.
We have a lot of pre-Raphaelite art in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Okay.1.I love Rock music.
2.I love Classical Music.
3.I love Boy Bands.
No.3 is the lie, you hate boy bands. Image
Correct. Image Image Image Your shot.
1. I love Walking.?

2. I love Nudist Beach's?

3. I love nature, fields of bluebells. ?
562 posts