Two Truths & One Lie

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2. I like horses is the lie.
3.That leaves avid gamer for me!
Correct, Minnie - number 2 was the lie... I HATE horses after I was bitten by one as a girl
O.K. I'II go. Image

1. I am a member of Mensa .

2. I seen Tom Petty, & Heartbreakers in concert.

3. I bought a Black Forest weather house in Germany.
1.I am a member of Mensa?
Right , to quick Michael I mighe have been. highly intealeage nt . Image
Image Image Image
1.I have a pet cat.
2.I have a beard.
3.I have a gold guitar.
Number 3 is the lie
No. 2. I have a beard , is the lie.
Beck is correct.....i do have a cat,and a beard,but no guitar.Your shot Beck. Image Image Image
562 posts