Two Truths & One Lie

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Wow!! Okay,i`ll go with 2.
No 2 it is Image Image
And I'm just as bad at tennis, net or over the fence with no in between Image Image Image
Image Image Image

1. I love the Rainforest of South and Central America.

2. I love the North African Desert.

3. I love the Lochs of Scotland.
No. 2 is the Lie Image
I was going to say that Minnie!! Image Image
(what do you bet we're both wrong Image Image )
Correct.Find the desert totally boring.Fire away Minnie. Image
You have next go Myrtle . Image
Thanks Minnie Image

1 I love the sea when it's wild and raging
2 I love peaceful riverbanks
3 I love the sea when it's calm
No. 1 is the lie, ?
No sorry.
And sorry too it's taking me so long to get back and reply, still got issues trying to get and stay logged in Image
562 posts