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To tell you the truth - Im only here for a bet.
Ugh - this room could do with a makeover!
Voyeurism though; can you see my point?
Where do you see us in 10 years time? Image

Next and final letter is Y - AND you get to pick the next topic (if you want) or pass it over to anyone else to suggest one.
"xylophone, you play a xylophone for a living? I thought you were supposed to be a civil engiineer."

"Your not even in an orchestra!"

Zero points, mister. I'm outta here... I'm never doing online dating ever again."

What not to say at the doctors.

"And before I forget, my eyelashes ache too, as well as my left toenails and belly button."

By the way, that's a nasty cough you have there doctor! Image
Canova cough medicine will do you the world of good, doc; my gran swears by it.Now what about my hairy palms? The Imac is no longer working."
Do you get paid commission by pharmaceutical companies?
Er, yes. Now about those hairy palms...
Feel free to touch me wherever you please! Image Image Image
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