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Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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but I've got to get off quickly, I'm going out tonight.
Assumed you meant 'professional carer' so now not sure. Next for professional.

Can't you tell the time-are you blind!
(Paid or unpaid Dotty)

Don't you know a thing about basic hygiene?
What NOT to say to a carer.............

Be calm...why are you so stressed!? :ohmy: :angry: :blink:

(Oh...out of synch again...seem to recall this happens when I get an email notification but I need to refresh the current thread else miss new posts)
Everyone have fun tonight
Feel so good having had that week in Bermuda!
Gotta have a lie in at the weekend.
I suppose someone has to do what you do...wouldn't catch me giving up my life.
Jammy thing-no need to work!
kn%^%^%ed again, don't know why, you're only a carer!!!!!!
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