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will I ever get out of here?
Xander's on the till again!!!!!!!
You've got to be kidding - £4.99 for a jar of artichoke hearts?? :ohmy:
This game goes as far as Y (since x and z are usually too difficult).

Normally whoever does Y can pick the next topic but, would someone else like to choose this? I will wait for a bit and see..... ;)
Zucchini? Over here it's pronounced courgette.

*next player can pick the next topic, I'm all done in trying to getting a 'z'. :)
What not to say at a footie match.

Arsenal ladies, who are they??
What not to say at a footie match.

Being competitive SUCKS!!!! :P
Come on, Germany!
Don't let England game go to pens.
Entertainment? Stuck here in a pit with morons? :whistle:
Fed up of the telly schedule being messed with.
278 posts