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Make up a sentence related to the topic - the first word starting in alphabetical order.

(X and Z can be omitted unless you're a word wizard!).

Whoever finishes on Y, can start the next topic

Topic: What not to say at a job interview

Actually this is my lunch time...can I eat my sandwich here? Image
But only if you eat them in the canteen, surprisingly.

Am I following the rules? Not at all sure I understand them?
It's quite simple....just come up with a line of something inappropriate to say at a job interview - starting with the next letter. Doesn't have to logically follow the same sentence as previous.
You have done B, so I will now do C.

Can't we just skip to the salary? Image
Did we discuss the tea breaks Image
Endless questions! Are the staff here fun? Image
Ghastly uniform, any chance of a different colour Image have beautiful eyes... Image
Just wondering, can I sit in the manager's chair it OK to take short naps when work is slack? Image
Love your tie, did you get it from Primark?
278 posts