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My love of Ryanair - Carers UK Forum

My love of Ryanair

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Having just been lucky enough to do 3 days volunteering abroad - for which I had to use a Ryanair flight, I've been pondering about the wisdom of airlines only allowing one bag on board - which I can never understand. Your case goes overhead, your handbag goes underneath the seat in front of you -so what's the big deal? That's far less trouble than deciding you want to buy a drink only to realise that your purse is inside your handbag which is inside your case which is in an overhead locker, not necessarily right above where you're sitting. And I wonder why it's always ME who sticks to the rules - yet others seem to get away with blatantly breaking them. So here's my little thought for the day to Michael O'Leary, CEO, Ryanair.........


I've little gripe with budget flights
I use them quite a lot
But here's some points for you to muse-
That make my blood run hot

I leave out shoes, I don't pack much
For fear of being banned
My pockets take the softer stuff
That don't show up when scanned

I've got my little plastic bag
Stuffed down inside my bra
But I've had to leave some underwear
Locked up inside my car

I've bought some snacks to eat on board
Some Pringles and some Snickers
Now where the hell do these things go?
Ah – I'll stuff them in my knickers!

(And tell me – pray – why are your staff
Such scary looking bods?
It's no surprise that we all think
They're miserable sods)

I stuff my handbag in my case
I squeeze and pant and puff
Yet other people stroll on board
With bags and bags of stuff

I get on board and then I take
My bag out of my case
I cause a hold-up in the aisle
What a waste of space!

A handbag AND a carry-on
Would make my day seem brighter
Whichever way you weigh them both
It doesn't make them lighter!

I've put my case within the cage
So I don't get a fine
Then a bloke sits down right next to me
His case ten times as large as mine

Down comes my case from overhead
I've tried to pack so neat
Because of Mr Great Big Bag
Mine's stuck down by my feet

I then can't move or even twitch
Throughout the three hour flight
You make these bloody stupid rules
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