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The North-O-Meter!! - Carers UK Forum

The North-O-Meter!!

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Just a bit of a laugh.... Seems I'm a soft southerner from Jersey?!?

I'm 55% Northern!!!
Indy! Thought you would've been a soft southerner like me?! Image
Perhaps 45% of me is!
Rubbish test!! Said I was 55% Northern, when I'm the softest Southerner ever! Perhaps it's my Gran's influence, I stayed with her in Devon every school summer holiday, and she came from Bradford!
Lol, Bowling it's OK don't fight it! Image Image
65% northern me , lol, actually Welsh on both sides of the family
Ollie, Gran's family came from Howarth. My husband and I went there one April, to see a friend of my husband's, who lived not far from a wind farm. I reckoned that since we were going in April, I wouldn't need my sheepskin boots. BIG mistake. After chatting to the friend for a while, I was so cold that I went and sat in the car, to get out of the wind. Still cold, I turned the engine on, but of course the car wasn't moving so the heater was pretty useless. It would take a good half hour of driving before I'd even begun to thaw out. If I'd been brought up in that area, I'd never have made it to my teen years!!! I live on the South Coast, the Isle of Wight is only a few miles away, and the climate is probably one of the mildest in the UK. Even so, when it's cold I don't go out.
25% northern for me....it says that means we somewhere around London. Not bad, 30 miles west!
Ha-Ha Image Image Image Image 250 mile out I think it wants a reset Image Image Image
York Image