Please feel free to join in or start any games.
IF you were a sweet what would you be, i would be a choc eclaire hard outside soft centre
I'd be a Fisherman's Friend Image
I'd be a Bassetti liquorice stick Image
I would be a Barley sugar, full of energy and sweet. Image
a dark chocolate coated cherry liqueuer! Image Fruit, alcohol, AND still almost healthy!
Id like to be a cadburys flake - very sexy chocolate Image
But I suspect Im more of a worthers original Image
Crocus Image Image
Crocus - Image

I'd be a pack of Cherry Drops Image Or Kola Kubes lol
I would be a Galaxy Minstrel..anyone remember the ad slogan Image
My bad!..
I suppose im really a Werthers Original too..sighs
Dolly mixtures Cooor Image Black jacks