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Ten things... - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Ten things...

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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9. Anniversary? What anniversary?
10. But you don't like being reminded how old you are!

Ten things you should never say to a teacher.

1. An essay on "what I did during the summer holidays" - how do you guys come up with such original ideas?!!
]http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_redface.gif[/img] ok the Sixties (hate the profile bit on here!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I did school in both. But I was enjoying myself far too much to remember either decade, it all went in a sort of blur. Image Image

4: "Er, what was your point three exactly... I have this short term memory problem"?!! Image

(OK its really unfair but it buys you time and throws the opposition into disarray)


5: "What on earth do you do to keep yourself amused over the long well-paid holidays you take whilst I have to stay at home and can't go out to work?
6 "sorry, I've forgotten who you are...."
7 "you know, Hitler was greatly misunderstood...."
8 "so I'll get the black candle, if you can disrobe now"
simply wondering where Bertie Bear is and if he is well. You have gone quiet BB, hope all is ok with you.
Thanks for your concern Audrey Image Really appreciated. I'm still around but just hovering a bit more and not posting so much 'cause I'm having a tough time and am just observing at the moment. But don't worry, nothing too serious, just taking things a bit slower. Seriously - no worries.

And while I'm here...

9. When asked a question "I will express my answer through the medium of dance!"

10. "Please give me an example of when I'm actually going to use these equations in real life..."

Ten things you never want to hear when buying a used car

1. "The door tends to jam a bit, but don't worry, I'll throw in a free crowbar so you should be fine."

2. "The engine does sometimes give out, but don't worry, the floor is particularly weak and... well... have you ever seen The Flintstones?"

Thanks again Audrey, much appreciated.
Image Image Image Image

(tiptoes quietly by...)

3. "Only one careful lady owner"
5. "Don't you think the rust contrasts nicely with the white paint?"
6. "I'll be honest. It's nothing fancy. It doesn't have all those special features. Y'know, air conditioning, heated seats, cup holders, seat belts or headlights, but it's got the basics and it still drives."
7. "Some assembly required."

8. "Wheels sold separately."

9. "Great! That's my final car sold. To be honest I need the money. You see, I'm leaving the country for a good looong time..."
10 Its a skoda but I think you would be better of with a golf ball , at least you can drive that 400 yards !!" Image

Ten things about the mother in law ..

1 Everytime we take her out all she does is moan , still moaning when we arrive back and I have taken her off the roof rack . Image

2 She is coming to stay next week , must paper the walls with holiday destinations .

3 Paid for her to go on a criuse but she wont get on the missile Image Image
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