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Yours For £ 1 : Genuine Hendrix Poster And a House ? Now , A Whole Shopping Centre ! - Carers UK Forum

Yours For £ 1 : Genuine Hendrix Poster And a House ? Now , A Whole Shopping Centre !

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Imagine if YOU are the sole bidder ... what a bargain !

On Ebay , Our Jimi would fetch a vast sum.

... and the house thrown in as well ?

Need a little " Something " to add some nostalgia when listening to The Master in his prime ?

Just lean out the window and wolf whistle ... the locals would be falling over each other to gain your business ... ALLEGEDLY !

Pump up the volume and help put a smile on their faces and tears in their eyes on some of the residents in that care home a mere half mile away ... a blast from the past before that Woodstock in the Sky finally calls !

https://www.spenboroughguardian.co.uk/n ... -1-9391695

Trying to get a foot on the property ladder? This Batley house is going for just £1 !

A one-bedroom home in Batley will go under the hammer at auction later this month with a starting price of just £1.

The end terrace house, which is on Ealand Road close to Wilton Park, will be sold off at Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford on October 24.

I would check that gas fire first ... don't want to become the latest Brit in orbit , do you ?

Increase your chances of success ... I have the following sign available for hire precisely for that purpose ... bids welcomed !


Perhaps I should ask for an introductory commission on this one ?
£ 33,000 achieved at auction !

No bad ... given location , area.
Wow what a price- some one has a bargain however undesirable the area.

Location / location / location ... for some activities , ideal !

Knock a small hatch in the side wall overlooking the pathway ... ideal for " Street trade. "

Perfect location for that ... so I'm told ... one of the " Spice " centres in West YorkieLand.

An area of many contrasts ... especially in housing ... a throwback to the segregation seen since the very first factory was erected almost 200 years ago.

Nowadays , that social divide is wider than ever.
A new one and ... just look at what you get or a £1 ... if other bids conveniently go missing and /or bidders are " Dissuaded " from bidding ?

Can be arranged ... for a commission !

Bids for Scottish shopping centre to start at £1.

A shopping centre in Kirkcaldy, Fife, is to be auctioned off with a reserve price of just £1 after it failed to attract enough tenants.


The Postings mall, in which 14 of its 21 shops lie vacant, is being sold by pension fund Columbia Threadneedle next month.

It follows a spate of retail closures in the town as shopping increasingly moves online.

Local Labour MP Lesley Laird said the decision had come as "no surprise".

The Postings opened in 1981, having cost £4.25m to build, and attracted a number of big name retailers throughout the 1990s.

However, as footfall has dwindled businesses have deserted the 7,489 sq m mall, with Tesco pulling the plug in 2015, despite protestations from former local MP and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Situated just 70m off the local High Street, the mall boasts a 299-space car park and good transport links, according to the auctioneer's website.

But the cost of the annual upkeep of the site is now thought to be higher than the £152,000 it generates from rent, prompting Columbia's decision to sell.

"There is an urgent need for the Postings to be redeveloped, not only to reinvigorate the site itself, but as a key part of a composite town centre strategy to combat the raft of store closures Kirkcaldy has suffered of late," said Ms Laird.

It follows a tough year for retailers, with a rash of big chains having announced closures because of lower demand.

Casualties have included Maplin, Toys R Us, Jamie's Italian and Poundworld among others. Just this week Marks and Spencer named the next 17 stores it plans to shut as part of a reorganisation plan, having already earmarked 38 sites - including the Kirkcaldy branch - for closure.

Columbia Threadneedle said it viewed the Postings as a development opportunity and that the knock-down price tag had created a lot of interest.

"The reserve price of £1 is generating significant attention and we expect to get a considerable amount at the auction," the company said.

Mind you , it's just not the empty shops putting anyone off , it's the sound of bagpipes morning , noon , and night !
How could I leave readers ... albeit less than one fingers on one's hand ... in suspense ?

Scottish shopping centre sold for close to average house price.

The Postings mall in Kirkaldy went on sale with £1 reserve after sustaining large losses.

A Scottish shopping centre has been sold for about the price of an average house in the latest sign of the crisis in UK retail.

The Postings mall in Kirkcaldy, in which 14 of the 21 shops lie empty, was sold for £310,000 to an unnamed bidder on Tuesday.

City pension fund Columbia Threadneedle Investments put the property up for auction with a minimum price of £1 after losing about £200,000 a year on the property.

Bidding started at £10 for the shopping centre, which cost £4.25m to build and opened in 1981.

Duncan Moir, an auctioneer for Allsop which handled the sale, said there had been at least six bidders. Several interested parties present in the room at the Berkeley Hotel in central London lost out to a bidder on the phone, understood to be an investor from the north of England. The deal is set to be completed by 15 February.

The successful bidder will have to pick up at least £5,000 in legal fees.

One bidder in the room told the Guardian “Someone’s got themselves a lot of bother.”

But George Walker, a partner and auctioneer at Allsop, said he was delighted with the sale.

“We have never had this much interest in a lot,” he said, saying that about 100 parties registered an interest in bidding.

“This centre is largely vacant and is an old piece of real estate where shopping habits have changed. It costs about £200,00 a year to own and our clients bought it to earn money.”

In my banking days ... 1977 / 1978 ... an appointed LPA Receiver on our behalf once paid potential buyers to take property off
our hands ... a case of cutting losses ?
Stand by for some real January forced sale bargains !

Trouble is , it well maybe your very own pension provider who is selling !

Retail landlords fall into a new crisis at Christmas.

The suspension of a major M&G retail property fund has raised new questions about the future of shopping centres.

https://www.theguardian.com/business/20 ... perty-fund


Yep ... housing ... which most of the locals cannot afford ... either to buy or rent ?