Something beginning with...

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Last name letter: A
An animal: Aardvark
A boys name: Anthony
A girls name: Alison
An occupation: Acupuncturist
A colour: Amber
Something you wear: Ankle socks
A drink: Aquavit
A type of food: Anchovy
Something found in the bathroom: Antibacterial cleaner
A place: Alloa
A reason to be late: Apathy
Something you shout out: Ahoy!
Last Name letter: G
An animal: Giraffe
A boys name: Gerald
A girls name: Gertrude
An occupation: Gas engineer
A colour: Green
Something you wear: Galoshes
A drink Gin
A type of food: greens
Something found in the bathroom: Gel mousse
A place: Germany
A reason to be late: Gone fishin'
Something you shout out: Go!

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Every answer must starts with the first letter of your last name!

Last Name letter: M
An animal: Monkey
A boys name: Michael
A girls name: Mary
An occupation: Milliner
A colour: Mauve
Something you wear: Mittens
A drink: Margarita
A type of food: Marshmallows
Something found in the bathroom: Me, when I'm..... in the bathroom.... :dry:
A place: Majorca
A reason to be late: Memory problems
Something you shout out: Man!