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Read Any Good Books Lately? - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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I am back to my second childhood !I am reading the Borrowers (omnibus edition.)
My mind can't concentrate on anything at the moment, so has to be very easy reading.
If my mind doesn't pick up, then it could be Janet and John next!
My OH reads Biggles Image
I have just finished Jodi Picoult's "Harvesting the Heart."A bit disappointing, I thought.
agreed. I usually like her books, started with 19 minutes and went backwards through her works, but that one...i didn't really like.
I've just read a couple of books by Trisha Ashley over the xmas break. Quite appropriate as one of them was based around christmas. Lots of mentions of meals that were cooked which made me hungry. The other one was called Chocolate wishes and yes I did want to eat some after reading it especially as it mentioned a few recipes at the back of the book.

I like reading Josephine Cox's books too as some of them are based around the area that I live and so I try to imagine the places she describes even though she changes the names slightly.
I think a lot of books were well loved because the authors filled them with graphic descriptions of food! Image
The Famous Five come to mind...
yes, they always sounded so wonderful.
And dont forget lashings of ginger beer, "Julian old thing"...............

Joan the cook used to knock up a picnic in a flash back at Kirren Cottage, I seem to remember. Image Image

You cant have an adventure on an empty stomach Image
I was going to say something about lashings of ginger beer!!!! I was obviously too slow off the mark.
I had forgotten about Joan the cook.And I always hated ginger beer, but wanted to like it because of the Famous Five!(I would have been like Anne though, frightened of my own shadow with all those mysteries!)
Image Image I think I would have been just the same Jane and I hated ginger beer too!
What about that grumpy old sod Uncle Quentin. He was always locked in his study on some top secret dossier that was never properly explained.
Aunt Fanny was lovely and always looked after the children so well.

I loved those books. They cost 7/6d each. Me and my mate used to save up and buy each new book that came out between us. Then toss a coin as to who should read it first. We had the whole collection right up to no: 15 I think it was. Some of the later stories were getting a bit thin on plots, or we were growing too old for them. The latter I doubt, as I could still read one even now.

My favorite was "Smugglers Top", the second book. The other was "Five go down to the Sea".
Another smuggling adventure set in Cornwall.
Good old Enid Blyton. She really made our childhood.
At the time I never realised that the children were very middle class like she was. Posh in my book! Image
116 posts