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Read Any Good Books Lately? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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i like val mcdermot- she does wire int he blood on TV and her books r better 9even though i think ive developed a soft spot for robson geen)
Ian rankin is good
but i love Brian Jaques he rights a series of books about a place called redwall, all the characters are animals, i think they r teenage fiction but blimey when those animals have a banquet i feel rather peckish!
Dan brown isnt too bad, yet the film adaptations are not too good (but as my dad pointed out to get everything in would be a week of movie!)
Biographies are always worth a read,
any crime type go down well
And some times a bit of wilbur smith or tom clancy (matt plays the games i read the books!)
love reading wish had more time for it lol!

jane and amy- ive heard that about parents as well
I enjoy crime novels best. Ian Rankin, Qunitin Jardine are my favourites as both write about Edinburgh.

Just finished Richard Madeley`s fathers and sons which was very interesting, and I quite enjoy books about real people too.

Mary Higgins Clark`s novels transfer well to the TV as do Jodi Picolt.

More will come to mind later

Read a couple of Lee Child`s too and they were interesting

Take care
Am coming to the end of the latest Adrian Mole instalment. Good stuff. Although it can get bit sad sometimes and not much seems to go right for him, I have to admit that I think the books in the Adrian Mole series are possibly the most realistic books I've read. Lots of time is spent with not a whole lot going on, people get ill, take up caring roles and have difficulty with hospitals, do household chores, have funny, weird things happen every now and again, and peoples' dramas and worries don't always get wrapped up neatly, sometimes they just tail off and are forgotten about.

I know it doesn't exactly make up for a thrilling read, but it's just something I've noticed. Haven't found this kind of day-to-day realism in many (or any) other books.


Hi Bertiebear
Guess you've been reading The Prostrate Years. Im a big fan of Sue Townsend and the Adrian Mole series. I loved this book, poor Adrian trys, usually misses the point due to his lack of humour but somehow comes over as a very likeable character.
Have you read Diary of a Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith? Its set in about 1892, but dont let that put you off! The humour is dry and the main character Mr.Pooter is like an early version of Adrian. Very gentle and funny book, (Waterstones have it in their Classics section) its never been out of print since first published.
I got a Kindle for Xmas, really excellent, so Im never without a book!
Happy reading
Jane (Deborah)
I have just read, "The distant hours" by Kate Morton. (had it for Christmas before my kindle,so read it the oldfashioned way)!It was a book I couldn't put down, a really good mystery,love story and bits and pieces of everything else. The story takes the reader back in time, although set nowadays.
Have you read Diary of a Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith?
Yes I have! It's great. Adrian Mole sometimes makes references to it Image I've also Mrs. Pooter's Diary by Keith Waterhouse? It seems to be very under advertised, but, as you've probably guessed, is Mr. Pooter's wife's diary. Well worth it if you can find it. Image
Bertiebear, Ill look out for that, thanks.
Lazydaisy, Im half way through The Distant Hours! So glad you didnt reveal the ending!!
Deborah, I would never do that! Especially with such a good book.Have you read her other books,The House at Riverton,and The forgotten Garden?
Lazydaisy, I loved The House At Riverton best of all.
Have you read any Sarah Waters? I think shes about my favourite woman author.
Also Crimson Petal and The White by Michele Fabon. Couldnt put it down!
the best books ive ever read is wuthering heights and jane eyre..
and watership down.
although like i said i love the newer authors the bronties although complete raving nutters wrote in such a poetic, and well described way when i read those books im there, im watching it all happen.
Yet im really not a fan of dickens- we lived inchatham (not far from dickensian rochester errrrr) so at school it was drummed in to us, the film adaptations are ok but i find the books ive read slightly wishy washy. (muppets christmas carol though best film adaptation EVER!)
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