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Read Any Good Books Lately? - Page 9 - Carers UK Forum

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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I can see where the summer went. You spent it resting your eyes didn't you? Image Image
I am reading 'Tales From A Midwife" by Jennifer Worth, a fascinating trilogy of the life of a midwife in 1950's East End of London.

I have found my feminine side!
So far this week I've read a cookery book Fish pies and french fries by Gill Holcombe and the Good housekeeping 30 minute cook book
The second Vampire diaries book by L J Smith and I'm half way through Twilight and a book called sea glass which is a fantasy book

Managed to get a lot read whilst in A&E for 7 hours earlier in the week Image

I've also been listening to the original radio plays of Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy on my ipod but keep falling asleep!!
I hope you're okay after A&E Booksey.
I used to enjoy listening the The Hitch Hikers Guide Image
Just read
When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman.
Story of family told over four decades covering highs, lows, laughter, drama and everything else that makes a family. An unusal thought provoking book which twists and turns and touches on historical events, an interesting read.
@ MINNIE lady killer is great I am now reading shantaram by Gregory David Roberts its ment to be based on real events in his life Image But defo a good read true or not
Sarah-sounds good,
I just started reading, A Tiny bit Marvellous by Dawn French (fiction). It's a bit daft and
light-hearted but o.k. Image
Just finished reading a trilogy by Maria V Snyder. Magic and wizards, really enjoyed it. Will be looking out for more of hers.
I was thinking about joining the local library book club but running book clubs used to be part of my job and I'm not sure how the new staff would feel about it Image
Am nearing the end of 'One Red Paperclip' by Kyle MacDonald. The story of a guy who traded his way from one red paperclip up to a house in one year, fourteen trades and a lot of adventure. It's light and entertaining, though it has it's flaws. It's not the best book ever, but seeing as it's not supposed to be, it does it's job.
Just started two new books,
Puppy Chow is better than Prozac by Bruce Goldstein , It;s a serious one about depression really.
good so far.
the other book is more light-hearted.
Aggie's tips for a clean house, the only tip I know is good old elbow grease Image Image
to think this woman was in the spy game. Image
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