New Names

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Yesterday morning on LBC radio the presenter was 'playing' an election related game with the people calling in - 'cos people tend to think Tories are double-barrelled toffs and Labour are 'common' the goal is to find your 'Tory' name and your 'Labour' name.

To find your Tory name - take your grandfather/grandmother's christian name, the name of the street you first lived in and your headmaster's surname.

To find you Labour name - take your best friend's first name and the name of your favourite beer.

My Tory name is: Florence Lavender-Rudd (has quite a nice 'home counties' ring to it don't you think Image Image )

and my Labour name is: Tina Carling (bit tame that one Image )

What's yours Image
Thanks mine a pint of Firsty Ferret!
This a brewed by (Bager) Hall & Woodhouse ltd Dorset. Other fine brews by Badger are, Hopping Hare and Pickled Partrage.

My Tory name is Harry Bishops=Rosewell

My Labour name is Pete Furstyferret

My Tory name is Isabella Ashcroft-McAleese Image Image Image

Labour name is Lisa Becks Image
My Tory name is( James Beaumont-Page)

My Labour name is (Bill Guinness)