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Picture that Place (UK) ? - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Picture that Place (UK) ?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Any chance of a clue?
Commemorates a victory against English invaders.
yes rob it is

i love it there

had a banbury cake under the banbury cross about 15 yrs ago (and after a drive to stratford we went back and had a kfc by it! lol)

will save the dates and see wot happens in january when i get told i am a bad mother on drugs again
Is it Stirling?
banbury cross- rob got it micheal coz his a clever clogs or he knows my love for food would have something to do with it!
Thought we were doing different picture,not that i`m getting any of them right.Need to get around more. Image Image Image
that just sounds well dodgey hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

i find the places i have been interesting but i doubt many others will !

like this boat- just off of sheppy and has unexploded bombs still on it... not intersting to many but worth going to sheerness tesco and sitting on the carpark wall looking out to sea with a pork pie and can of cola looking at
Never been there, but the architecture looked like a smaller market town in the South of England, so I just Googled for "Food named after an English town" and eventually Banbury popped up with some handy pictures of the cross for reference. Google changes all the rules, doesn't it?
Anyway, yes, it is the Wallace Memorial near Stirling at Bridge of Allen, so on you go Micheal, your turn ...
You mean i was right...shocked!!!OK.
Er, it probably helps if the file name, which is the same as the place name, isnt in the sub-title on the picture. So that'll be Skara Brae then!
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