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Picture that Place (UK) ?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
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Nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden's brief visit to Britain, is it? I mean, I thought student accommodation had improved since then.


the wouldham ones are not military and i only know forts and tunnels in kent (and i think they must all look the same!) but i think theres some smuggler ones in dorking

i finks i will give up minne
Image Tartan, kilts, pipers, Burke and Hare
they had a tunnel in scotlandv
i know that much but with out cheating and gooling it i dont know the name of it
right pixi

Edinburgh Vaults

Your Go
i will have to google a pic coz i lost all mine. not a c i took but a place i have been and will b taking the girls to see
Clue please.
Banbury Cross (as in the nursery rhyme?)


thanks for the idea!to do thatmay have to do that
The Scouts have some half-price caravans with w/c access, we used them twice and you dont need to be a scout.

http://www.disabledholidayinfo.org.uk/d ... UK_000.pdf

http://scouts.org.uk/supportresources/1 ... moduleID=4

Last-minute holiday deals
Holiday Homes caravans sleep up to seven people costing from £100 inclusive of club membership and electricity/gas on fully commercial holiday parks.

Here are some examples of their amazing offers:

Week commencing Friday 2 April:
Burnham 21 AW, Clacton, Exmouth A93, Gt Yarmouth, Skipsea £170 (you save over £400!)
Burnham 22AW £185

Week Commencing Saturday 10 April:
Berwick, Clacton, Exmouth A94, Gt Yarmouth, St Austell £160
Paignton - £175

Week Commencing Saturday 17 April and 24 April:
Caravans £100 – please check availability

All prices include electricity/gas and club membership and the prices are per caravan/chalet each sleeping up to 6 people, unless otherwise noted.
219 posts