Picture that Place (UK) ?

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Hmm,. Ironbridge, all a bit too obvious so far, just establishing the parameters of the game, lets try to be a bit more subtle. This time up to three clues are allowed:


In need of a clue please.
Clue 1:


No idea,need another clue please.
This might help get you warmer...


Absolutely no idea.Final clue please.
I dunno. Miss a few days...

Looks like the first two pics have a young J in them, around 8 years ago? Not relevant to where, just thought I'd be nosy!

Can't place the building at all...
Actually not just young J and his sister G, but also my grandson, L are featured, and a very rare shot of the elusive and shy Mrs Scally..... The red cliffs, seaside and coastline should be a dead give-away as to the general location. The House is owned by the National Trust and has 16 sides. That is all I'm giving away!
A La Ronde - Devon?
alli i can think is a la ronde as well

minnie u need to find one now coz if we agree and robs not correcting u take it that u r right Image
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