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Not Quite Four Candles...... - Carers UK Forum

Not Quite Four Candles......

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
He has Dementia - I have Gift Cards!

Last year he was 70 - he was given W H Smith Gift Cards by his children

Last Christmas he was ill - and he was given more W H Smith Gift Cards by his children

This Year it has been a difficult year of illness and increasing dementia...... and he has just found his multitudinous Gift Cards under his lap top!

The Gift Cards - he does not know what to buy with them

Soooooo, I have bought the W H Smith Gift Cards off him, at face value - Problem solved

Christmas is looming.........

He wants to send his children something...... what shall he send?

'Oh, what a good idea' says he ' I shall buy them W H Smith Gift Cards!'

'Mmmm' says I, ' I have some W H Smith Gift Cards.'

But then if he buys them back off me, he will be sending the gift cards his children bought him, back to them for Christmas, and who knows, they might send them back again to him for his birthday....... this could go on and on and on......

Give me a real present any day of the week! It's my birthday in December - how I hope I do not get a W H Smith Gift Card !! :dry: :dry: :dry:
Oh Mary, make sure they don't expire during the ping pong game. I agree real presents , unexpected and with some thought put in win every time.
Ping Pong Game - exactly ! I have checked online and they are all still valid at the moment......... but who knows what might happen in the future - just makes me smile......
We just write down on the fridge (magnetic whiteboard) what we would like for Christmas. It doesn't mean you can't be given something not on the list, but if you are struggling, the list is there. Since No.1 son has a January birthday, mine's February, and M's is in March, very often what we don't get for Christmas we get for our birthdays.
Some things may be vague, for example I might want a new pair of dressmaking scissors.
Other times it may be very specific, i.e. some bobbins for an Elna SU sewing machine - and I'd say where they were available.
As a result my sewing room is full of presents my sons have given me, going back many years. Much better than chocolates, I'm fat enough already. Sometimes I ask for a SMALL packet of Ferrero Rocher, or Rafaellos. I don't usually have any chocolates in the house, my will power isn't very good.
When we bought presents for lots of people it was a nightmare. Then I met an elderly friend who was in a group that couldn't get together very often. They realised it was so expensive to post things, and came up with a new idea. Didn't send any presents, but each Christmas would buy themselves one larger thing, to the value of all the presents they would send, and then tell the others what they'd bought themselves. So sensible.
We call ping pong presents, 'pass ons.'

My grandmother used to rewrap chocolates up next year and pass then on!

This year I am going to give someone a twenty pound note ! ........
..........On the envelope I shall write,
" Hope you enjoy this. Sorry it's secondhand. I bought it in Nat West!" :D
Tee he! Sounds like the perfect gift 😏

What would you buy yourself with twenty pounds? I think I would spend it on a trip to the cinema. Or buy myself a really lovely bunch of flowers.🌹
Gift tokens are very limited to one chain of shops.
My 5,10, 20 pound gift is a universal gift token to be spent anywhere one likes.

It also makes a welcome 'pass on' present for someone else if you find
it's the wrong colour or size for you . :lol:

And it raises a smile on recipients faces, something that a pair of socks or a scarf etc.
as a present will never do, if one uses my wording re Nat West etc.