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Read Any Good Books Lately? - Carers UK Forum

Read Any Good Books Lately?

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What would you recommend? Most of us seem to be reading in the night when the worries keep us awake. What did you enjoy?
Im reading Wedlock (How Georgian Britain's Worst Husband Met His Match) by Wendy Moore, biograpy of Mary Eleanor Bowes.
I love reading a wide range of things. Have not long finished reading Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher book. Have loads of classics, sport related and history related books.
I mostly read fiction .. light-hearted, I like Marian Keyes, just read 'Further under the duvet', and Catherine Alliot 'Olivia's Luck'.

To engage the brain a bit Image Jeffery Deaver's a great writer (the Lincoln Rhyme novels always have a twist in them); James Patterson (the Alex Cross series); and the husband and wife authors Faye and Jonathon Kellerman both have strong character storylines.
I love all Andy McNab, Chris Ryan books. I also really enjoy Harland Coben, and Conn Iggulden books. Recently I read a true sorry by 'PC' Michael Bunting, call 'A fair Cop'. I found it a good read, though it does make you think about the British Justice System. I passed it on to Jan she enjoy it too and said that she couldn't put it down.

I do read true accounts of our service men and women, that have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, or any other 'theater of war'

At the moment I'm reading Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol'. He is another one of my favorites.

I tend to read most in the summer, when we're sitting in the garden, I'm at my awkward time now, finished sitting in the garden, but have stuff to do in doors, so I find it difficult to fit in reading.
For those of you that like historical fiction I can highly recommend:

Andrew Pepper's 'Pyke' Novels They are a series of novels about a one time petty crook who became a Bow Street Runner and eventually head of the Murder Investigation Division of the newly formed Metropolitan Police Force.


C J Sansom's Shardlake books about a Solicitor/investigator in the days just after Henry the 8th's reformation.
I am currently reading a new, pioneering book entitled "Conscious Medicine" by Gill Edwards, who is well qualified to write this book. It discloses HOW MUCH our thoughts and emotions initiate and affect our body, i.e. illnesses.

Science is rapidly catching up with this area, e.g. neuropeptides - cutting edge stuff!
It's truly amazing and liberating; there's so much we needlessly suffer (physically) which
can be addressed/reversed with this knowledge. Awareness and positivity are key factors.

For instance, one example it gives is in China, (near Bejing) QiGong practitioners
(trained in energy-consciousness) DISSOLVED a Chinese woman's tumour with
their highly focused minds. In one session, it grew smaller then vanished. It took place at the Hospital of No Medicine. In China they have a very different attitude to health.

I realise many of you will find this hard to believe but there are so many cases of unexplained cures with alternative healing ALSO (to reinforce the mind/body connection), it's recognised that being substantially negative is a predisposition to getting cancer.

It's not my intention to cause distress with this post, but to bring hope and empowerment.
At the moment i`m reading.. Analysis and design of flight vehicle stratergies and dynamics by E.F. BRUHN ... just cant put it down ...

In Conscious Medicine Gill Edwards describes how the new biology and new physics, along with energy medicine and energy psychology, point the way towards a radical new approach to health and healing - one which is based on living in a conscious universe, rather than a material universe, tapping into the transformative power of consciousness, energy and the bodymind. She explains how emotions are crucial in health and disease, showing how, when you break your old habits of thought, you can not only reverse disease processes and heal injuries but also attract more positive events and circumstances into your life.
sorry , even as a catholic i find this kind of treatment unreliable, it is used mainly , as far as i know by people who are looking for the "miracle cure " and a last chance cure , still as someone who does believe ... who knows one day thought may be all we need to cure everyone...
g. herschel - thanks for the more descriptive definition of the book I'm reading and I'm sorry that you're sceptical of its effects.

May I assure you it ISN'T just for those looking for miracle cures but, with sufficient awareness, can be harnessed to prevent so many potential diseases (that initiate from thoughts and emotions). I have put this into practice for years now and can vouch for its effectiveness in staving off what I recognise as the initial symptoms of such illnesses as stress rashes and depression (to name but two). This book is EMPOWERING stuff, and - if nothing else - will boost your immune system if you take on board and practice what it has to offer. I suggest you read it!!!
Amy, I totally believe that our bodies are controlled to a large extent by minds and emotions.
Did you know that bereaved parents are far more likely than the general population to develop illnesses such as MS?Or that if you have lost a child(whatever age) to sudden death, you are likely to die a sudden death yourself within the next two years?(not including parents who may take their own lives).
Yes Lazydaisy - what you say is just plainly obvious to me (and of no surprise); I'm glad that more people are realising this very important connection, i.e. that how we think/feel so often directly preceeds ensuing ailments. Thank you for your post.
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