My poetry (Long post)

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I wanted to share some of my poetry with you all but I couldn't find anywhere to put it so I thought I'd put it here. Mods, if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.

My first poem is called A Life Wasted and it was written when I was in a bad place emotionally. I thought it would cheer me up a little

A life wasted

Some say a life wasted is a life spent on a career
Some say a life wasted is a life spent raising a family
Some say a life wasted is a life spent on education
Some say a life wasted is a life spent hooked on drugs
Some say a life wasted is a life spent addicted to alcohol
Some say a life wasted is a life addicted to gambling
Some say a life wasted is a life spend dwelling on the past
Some say a life wasted is a life spend battling an eating disorder
Some say a life wasted is a life spent batting a mental disorder
Some say a life wasted is a life spent fighting illness
Some say each of the above could be a great advantage in life as a life cannot be wasted if we can help others in some way – No matter how small.

My next poem is called I'm A Truck and I wrote it for my caree who was a trucker before he became disabled

I’m a truck

I devour mile after mile of highway
Hear my stacks roar as I pump out black smoke from the diesel I consume
You may look at me and wonder what mysteries I contain
Or you may simply be admiring my paintwork or my lights
Perhaps I’m from a well known haulier
In time the highway comes to an end as I near my destination
And the roads become smaller as day draws to a close
The sun sets as my lights come on and a welcoming lay-by I shall seek
To rest my weary tires and my driver rests their head
Tomorrow we shall start again
And the crackle of the CB radio might be heard out of my window
As I reach my destination
Before I head back to base for another load
Some may call me a polluter
But in all honesty,
I’ve become a necessity
Which you people cannot live without
Without me, you will never have
Clothing, food or fuel in your local shops
Your waste won’t get hauled away
Or your roads cleared of broken down buses
So spare a thought
And realise that I have my uses
If you are following me on the road
Remember, If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you
Before you cut me up, remember, I need more than a few yards to stop.
I accept the lonely life I lead and I only ask those 2 things of you in return.

My next poem was written for survivors of rape initially but upon re-reading it, I've found that it can apply to lots of people in different situations. It's called Can I.

Can I just forget?
Can I pass for normal?
Can I better myself?
Can I take off my painted smile?
Can I lower my guard?
Can I rest my weary head?
Can I do the simple things in life?
Can I face life’s trials?
Can I accept it wasn’t my fault?
Can I just be me?

Here's three just to start things off, I'll add more later because I don't want the opening post to be too long for you to read.
Very nice, and very true. I particularly like 'A Life Wasted'. Thanks for posting Image
kep them coming!
they r very good, like them alot
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Thanks guys... I'll post more in a minute Image
This one was written earlier this year when my sister lost her baby - It's called Watch over Them, Baby

Watch over them, Baby
For, although you only existed for a short time
You were much wanted and much loved
Today you grew your angel wings
So fly high above your mummy and daddy
And give them the strength to get through the coming days, months and years without you
As we all send you special floaty kisses to heaven
Our hearts ache and tears fall for the love we can never give you.
Sleep tight, safe in heaven tonight
Until we meet again

My next few poems are pretty much about rape and the ways that survivors might cope with it so, as always, be careful if you are a survivor and happen to self injure in any way.

This piece is called The Monster Within and it was written with Self injury in mind but upon re-reading it, I've decided that it could be applied to depression and any other mental illness that makes you doubt yourself and/or others.

He’s always there
He watches and waits and watches some more
His is all the time in the world
You see, the timing has to be perfect or his plan will never work
When he knows you are triggered or down he’ll make his move
He knows you’ll listen and find it hard to fight him then
Those little seeds of doubt he placed begin to germinate and grow
You fight to cling on to what remains of your life
To stop yourself sliding further into the black hole
That’s where he wants you
While you are there you are firmly in the demon’s control
And he knows it, too
You reach out to the hands that are there
They can free you from his grasp

My next one is called The Web of Life. It is quite a simple poem, written on a good day so it's main focus is to remind us that no matter how bad our life gets, there's always tomorrow

Come close to me
And look at the web of life
See it sparkle like a million diamonds
See it looking so fine
See it so strong
See it so delicate
See each thread of it
Glisten in the light
And glow in the dark
As the stray fireflies
Make it glow eerily
See it break
As a tiny bug fights for freedom
See how fast it is repaired
See how it carries on
Each and every day

My final poem is called I'm trying. It's this one that I was worried about sharing for the simple reason being that it is very graphic when I probe into rape from an angle that the survivor is thinking back and questioning what happened to him/her. I have mentioned angel babies so those who have lost a child/children might find it a hard read, too Normally, I'd only share it on forums for survivors and/or secondries but I decided to share it here too, after much soul searching.

I’m trying hard to remove the memory of you from my body
But people keep staring at me oddly
It seems that you are forever destined to be there
Does anyone even care?
Do you think back on that night?
When things reached their height
I tried so hard to fight
You kept on until it was light
The tears fell like rain
I have to live with the pain
What did you gain?
Now I’m triggered
You never figured
I was threatened.
My emotions deadened
Why should I care?
If you are there
I see my babies
While you take me like a dog with rabies
You wanted to date me
You must really hate me
Couldn’t you just try?
Thanks again Summer_Hope

Very powerful. I'm sure they weren't easy to post, but they are appreciated.
Thanks, BB
SummerHope, I am a bereaved parent,and this week ahs been very emotional for my family,with my son's inquest(he was 21 and died suddenly).
"Can I just forget?" is the one that rings true for my circumstances.

Have you always written poetry, or have you started due to your experiences in life?Whichever, it is very powerful and thank you for sharing them.
I started to write poetry last year, after many years spent writing stories. I had too much poison in my mind and life (which I don't want to go in to here on the boards) that I wanted to get out in a twisted, unconnected way and poetry just seemed to be the best way to go about it.

That said though, when I was growing up, I always remember mum writing poems to put in the newspaper whenever someone passed away, so I guess I must have inherited some of her talents
Lovely poetry, I can feel your heartache through it.
So, I got to thinking about facebook last night and here's a poem I came up with based on the idea that I was a facebook addict and had nothing better to do with my life Image

The wonderful life of a Facebook addict

I get up in the morning full of good intentions
Mapped out in my head are the chores I'll do
Then I think "What harm can it do..."
"Just to pop on to facebook while I drink my brew"

I talk to the walls first,
Then I check on my farms, fish and cafes
After that come the requests...
Ain't it funny the way the little blighters always stay at 100?

Then it's off to the pub I go...
Clean the tables, bars and floors, even the door.
I restock it with fresh food and drink

Quizes galore offer me a chance to find out the name of my true love and first baby - even my wedding date.
Just a shame that none of them will never be right

At the top of the screen another little red 1 pops up
And I'm off to be a little butterfly
Fluttering about my screen.

Before I know it, the day is done
It's time to say goodbye
Before my eyes close and my keyboard becomes my pillow
I change my status for the last time and hope that the last one out
Will remember to lock the door and turn out the light.