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MIND GAME 2% or 98% - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

MIND GAME 2% or 98%

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
2 %er here, an Aardvark in the Democratic Republic of China eating a Kiwi fruit. Thank you for reminding me I was born arkward!.
I was a koala in Denmark eating an apple too.

Bodger.. Where was this ape eating his elderberry then Latvia?
Can't remember work it back if you can and tell me Image Image Image
I had the same as Phoebe...Koala, Denmark, apple. Good game:-)
Kangaroo in Denmark, eating an orange .. thats me: thats really nasty. How does it work?
um, koala in Denmark eating an apricot.... Image
Deutschland, Deer, raspberry.

I know how this works. If you multiply any number from 1 - 10 by 9, and add the digits together you always come up with 9.
1 x 9 = 9, 2x 9 = 18, etc, etc.
After deducting 5 you will always end up with letter D.
Denmark is the most obvious choice for most people; I only came up with Deutschland because I worked a lot there in the 80's and got into the habit of calling it that. Otherwise I bet I'd have said Denmark too.
There are very few animals beginning with K, Kangaroo again being the most obvious.
Likewise, there are very few fruits beginning with O, yet just about everybody has eaten an orange, so that's the obvious choice. I bet few in Britain have eaten oija berries (or whatever they're called.)
Given that everybody comes up with 4 (provided they've done the maths correctly) leading to letter D, then the only way to not come up with Kangaroo/Orange is to choose a country other than Denmark.

Also, the 'say the first thing that comes into your mind' is very important with these types of tests as everybody will lump on the most familiar known to them, not having time to do otherwise. Deutschland is more familiar to me than Denmark, so that sprang to my mind first instead; hence pattern broken, leading to deer then raspberry instead.
Mystery sorted!
Let's simplify it.
You have the letter D, supposedly via a supposedly complicated mathematical formula that actually couldn't be more simple or guaranteed.
So you end up with the letter D (no other outcome possible.)

Let's say the question was to come up with the first thing to enter your mind that's a pet beginning with D.

Take the last letter, and come up with a country.

Take the last letter of that and come up with a tree.

Dog, Germany, Yew.

Actually, all such tests prove is nothing more than how good you are at passing them.
It does not prove, or disprove, a persons individuality; given that the test is so structured in the first place.
Now, who came up with this test in the first place? And how much government money did they collar?
To prove what exactly?
It's mental slight of hand, nothing more, nothing less.

I'd still love to know how that dynamo guy does his stuff. Now that's impressive! Still don't believe it, though.
Crocus, xigua is a type of melon; I goggled it. I really must get a life!

You broke the pattern by coming up with Dubai. Do you have some connection with Dubai? Perhaps you worked there, had ace/awful holiday there? Maybe you'd recently read about or seen a program about it so it was uppermost in your mind?
Shame ibex ends in x so's you couldn't complete the puzzle/test. I bet no one on the forum has ever heard of a xigua; I certainly hadn't until I googled "fruit name beginning with x." Believe it or not but there's actually a website listing fruit alphabetically.
Some others did chose Denmark but then chose Kowala instead; the next most obvious answer next to kangaroo. However they all chose apple as the fruit, again because it's so common.
I wonder if there's a veggie that begins with x....
I got an albatross eating a strawberry in Dominica :3