Memorable lines/jingles .. tv ads

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You get these bloomin' things in your head .. and can't get them out again Image

Maybe I have too much empty space in there ... Image Image Image Image

'A million housewives every day ...'

I scrolled down quick hoping for the Diet coke fella Image Image Image
Thank you, great way to start the day Image Image
Not a jingle but memorable

see here Image
I remember the very first ITV advert ie:

"Did you MACLEAN your teeth today, did you, did you?
Did you MACLEAN your teeth today, did you MACLEAN your teeth!!"

We kids couldn't stop singing that one and the SHELL petrol advert.

"Were going well were going SHELL, were going well on SHELL SHELL SHELL,
Penny a mile, making you smile,
Were going well on SHELL!"

Great tunes to them too. That was an old penny too! Petrol was only half a crown a gallon 12.5 pence. That was eight gallon for one pound! Imagine?

Pete Image