Favourite soaps

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Hey everybody..

My favourite soaps
1. Eastenders
2. Coranation streets
3. Emerdale
4. Holyoakes
Hi Simon
I used to watch East Enders for 20 years or more but the story line with Zainab and the domestic abuse gave me an excuse to stop watching it. I felt it was normalising domestic violence for people to much and although he got his comeuppance I felt it wasn't really family viewing. I don't mind husbands holding daffodils being shot- that is fine LOL but somehow that story with Zainab left me feeling it was inappropriate for primetime tv. Hope I'm not sounding like Mary Whitehouse LOL
Imperial Leather
I liked Emmerdale FARM. Now they've lost the farm and replaced the 4 legged cows with 2 legged cows!