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Lie To Me... - Carers UK Forum

Lie To Me...

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Lie To Me... is a game of wits for 2 players.
You play the part as either a 'Carer' or a 'Concerned Relative.'

The Carer: The object of the game as a Carer is to achieve the highest score by not doing your job as often as possible and then getting clean away with it by lying. Extra points can be earned when your equally deceitful co-workers back you up. The more implausible the lie the more points you score. e.g. You will earn 1 point every time you 'forget' to give a care home resident their prescribed medication, change the hearing aid battery or not apply cream to dry and itchy swollen legs. 2 points can be earned when you deliberately and successfully avoid giving the resident a weekly shower for 6 weeks in a row, right under the care home managers nose. Score a 5 point bonus if the manager also backs you up when a relative complains. A maximum 10 points if a visiting Social Worker or District Nurse also agrees with you. A further 2 points can be earned when you feed a resident sweetened water and tell them its custard. Another 2 points when you fail to change the bed linen for at least 5 weeks. 4 points if you deliberately install the toilet roll the wrong way round so that the resident cant get the paper out after they do a number '2'. Another 4 points if you prevent the resident from visiting the toilet in the early hours by pushing the wardrobe over the light switch. These are just a few suggestions but as a Carer you are free to make up your own point scoring rules.

The Concerned Relative: As the Concerned relative you earn 1 point for very deliberate mistake you uncover and then convince the manager that you are right. A 5 point bonus is earned if you get an apology form the guilty staff member.

The winner is the first one to reach a score of 100.

I thought this was about the TV Show because I loved that show.
You forgot making sure no member of staff is in post dealing with a client for long, so that they all plead ignorance of any care plan, suitable or otherwise, so that carers have the same conversation with different members of staff repeatedly. I'm sure you've met that one already, because if my memory serves me right, we have the misfortune to have the same utterly useless LA!
I know that Humour is the best medicine, but this happens to often for it to be funny to most of us.

Anyway, If you find the owner of the home doing something naughty with Matron in an empty room score 100 points.