IQ test in 15 questions, try your hand!

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
My challenge to my carer friends who enjoy testing their brains. The good side of this test is that stretching your brain is as important as stretching your legs - this kind of test actually improves and sustains your intelligence. And God knows we carers all need a bit of mental gymnastics!
I found this very hard in places, but got a score of 125, probably with a bit of luck on my side. This doesn't test emotional, artistic, literary or sporting intelligence, nor judge you on your caring skills, it is purely about abstract brain-power to solve visual puzzles. So, try your hand at these 15 questions and if you are not easily embarrassed, or maybe because you just want to brag, you can post your score below.
Snap, Scally. I got the same score!

Some were easy, some I had to guess.

Will try it out on S, when he's in the mood. His visual skills are his strength.