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Anyone Seen A Stolen Train ? Might Fit In One's Garden ? - Carers UK Forum

Anyone Seen A Stolen Train ? Might Fit In One's Garden ?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Ground zero ... Lowestoft ... a theft that beggars belief ?

http://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/news/ ... -1-5613398


Popular Lowestoft road train stolen.

The land train, popular with children and families in Lowestoft, runs up and down the South Beach promenade on the seafront ferrying passengers to and from the different ends of the beach, stopping at Royal Plain, Claremont Pier, and Kensington Gardens.

It is understood the container which houses the train overnight near The Gardens Tea Rooms on Kirkley Cliff Road may have been broken into last night.

The vehicle, according to a Facebook post about the incident, would have required a large lorry with a crane to be moved.

The train initially came to Lowestoft as part of an economic regeneration plan which coincided with the completion of a £3.5 million coastal protection scheme in 2016.

Have you seen Lowestoft’s land train? Let us know by emailing newsdesk@archant.co.uk

Nice birthday present for someone , somewhere ?

Non union so no need for a guard ???

Would be a great improvement on many cattle trucks on wheels passing through this manor on their way to Sheffield , Nottingham and Lincoln !
I saw that news story and thought the same... who would steal such a thing and where would they hide/use it?
Bet its found painted green and called "Percy" :roll:
Just in case , an APB put out nationwide :


At least , Plod have got their act together , a second one just in case Percy is calling himself Henry ?


One suspect who has been helping Plod with their enquiries was released earlier this morning :

Funnies about this are spreading.
I like this one about including it to fill the gaps in our local transport provision
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Caterha ... 137537919/
One suspect wanted for questioning ?


Known for his collection of oddball paraphernalia ?


He still awaits permission for trips around the Wirral peninsular.

Some tourists might even spot signs of life ... somewhere ?

Apart from ... of course ... a few of the native zombies ?

Hot off the rumour mill ... The Scots have nicked our Thomas !

A local is now 'elping Plod with their enquiries ... after being arrested for burglary ... must 'ave ' ad a big swag sack ?


http://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/news/ ... -1-5631683

Man arrested following theft of Lowestoft land train.