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Funny stories

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Many years ago we had just moved into a new house in Ashton in Makerfield near Wigan and close o Haydock, but we had transferred our carpets from our previous house.
I was sent to Johnsons the Cleaners to enquire about hiring a carpet cleaner.. Let me say that I was born in Crosby, twenty miles away.

So, I asked the questions about borrowing a carpet cleaner,and after a minute or two the shop person said, or I thought she said "Do you want a bucket" So I replied. No we have got one at home. Then she went all frosty.

Explanation, in case you haven't worked it out yet. It's the different pronunciation between Wigan and where I WAS FROM Crosby.
I pronounced book and cook etc. With a distinct oo sound as in the Liverpool accent. The woman in the shop meant do you want to book it
That is funny Colin. I get the same trouble in the Midlands where I live what with my Southern lingo. Mind you I have learned the lingo in the middle of the Country now having lived here for 30 odd years now lol...But when I first came to mainland uk I found it confusing.com. Going to the shop to get milk was one of those times...Would you like pass or stera...I was like thinking what?...So not wanting to look 'stupid' I went for the pass one lol. It was the correct choice :lol: ..Where I came from all cows were brown and white and I never knew black n white ones existed lol...When I saw them I was like... What the hell?... :lol:
My son swallowed a £1 coin some years ago.
We took him to hospital and he had to stay there for a few days.
When we phoned up to ask how he was the answer was. "No Change"
Two slow worms were crawling through the grass ,they came upon a snake ,they heard him talking to himself .
2and 2 is 4 ,3and 3 is 6 ,4 and 4 is 8 ,
One slow worm said to the other "Why is he doing that?.
The second one said "Take no notice ,he is an Adder .
A little girl at the zoo told her mother "Mummy that Dolphin splashed me

Her mother said "I don't think he did it on Porpoise "