How many words can you find 2

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Lamia (mythical creature that sucks blood Image )
Lariat (kind of rope used for a lassoo)
Latria (religious expression)
Amrit / Amrita (a type of syrup, can be written either way)
Do you want to check them off yourselves?? Only leaves puzzle 1 to complete. If you want any more let me know Image

9-letter word - IMPARTIAL

Some other words of five letters or more containing the hub letter A:

alarm, altar,apart, atria, atrip, maria, matai, plait, prima, raita, riata,

tiara, tapir, tiara, trail, tramp, trial, armpit, impair, impala, impart, lariat,

primal, air-mail, marital, martial, partial.
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Sorry I didn't get all the words on your list, but the ones I got are all in the concise Oxford - promise! Some were a bit strange though.

I am going to go back and have a look at No1.....