How many words can you find?

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I won't have time to have a proper look until Friday pm/evening - please don't give the answers before then!
No worries. Waiting is not a problem

I had already posted up a 2nd one. Wont add any more though

Decani (particular section of a choir)
Dacite (volcanic rock)
Dacoit (armed robber)
Dicta (plural of dictum)
Deontic (relating to ethics)
Cation (some kind of chemistry term!)
Canid (mammal of the dog family)
Dunite (type of rock)
9-letter word - EDUCATION

actin, adieu, antic, audio, audit, canid, cited, coati, cutie, dicot, dicta, edict,
indue, nicad, tenia, tonic, tunic, unite, untie, action, atonic, auntie, coined,
detain, induce, induct, notice, united, untied, aconite, auction, caution,
conduit, noctuid, noticed.