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Radio Stations

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Hi everybody

My mother is now settled into a care home but she has now been moved to a nursing unit, but as she had the care homes tv in her room it is needed elsewhere, I want to take a DAB radio to put in her room, this will probably be good for her as at times she likes a sing-a-long, music is also relevant to people with dementia, my question is I came across a m4d radio station that is especially for people with dementia , but it seems as it is an internet station, It says you can access this via a computer, mobile phone, smart tv or Alexis, none of which I have, I thought of purchasing a inexpensive internet radio, if there is such a thing but I am not sure about that, I may have to do that as a last resort, instead does anyone know what frequency this is so I can try to get it on my radio or are there any other stations that play the really old songs, like from the old films, my mother is 91 if that helps regarding music tastes, or failing all else is there any good internet radios I could purchase?
Unless I'm misunderstanding, (highly possible) an internet radio will require access to the internet. Does the Home have WiFi available that would provide this connection?

Alternative suggestion - a Freeview TV has many BBC radio stations and others on channels 700 and upwards, and obviously all of the major TV stations as well.
I think, some newer DAB radios, including some of the radios on this list can be connected to the internet to allow you to stream music from Spotify or online radio services like BBC iPlayer.

The problem could be due to a number of reasons, the station may have stopped broadcasting or have moved multiplexes rather than a radio fault. All of the stations in one multiplex should be behaving the same way. If you are still having problems, it is possible an unwanted signal is the cause.
Why not ask the home to provide a TV?
It's crazy that they will in the care section but not the nursing section.
I would argue that as she has higher health needs she needs a TV even more!
Who is paying the care home fees?
It's better to provide TV ukuran foto 4x6
Hi Samantha
I work for Music for Dementia, which provides m4d Radio.
Ayjay is right, m4d Radio does need access to the internet for your mother to listen in. One of the ways you can do this easily is to buy and Alexa for her. You can enable the Alexa Skill and then all she (or a carer) needs to do is say "Alexa, play m4d Radio".

Alexa obviously plays lots of other music and has a huge variety of uses - I know they are very popular in care homes as we often have messages from them saying how much their residents are enjoying the era-specific music without confusing advertisements. They start at about £40, so similar in cost to a radio.

There's a video on the m4d Radio website that explains how to enable the Alexa skill, if this is what you decide to do. https://m4dradio.com/how-to-listen/

I hope that's helpful, but please do contact us via the website if you are having any difficulties.
Sarah Gale, Music for Dementia