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Hot Weather ? Nice For Some ... Buckled Train Rails , Melting Tarmac On Roads And ... Even Loss Of TV Signals ? - Carers UK Forum

Hot Weather ? Nice For Some ... Buckled Train Rails , Melting Tarmac On Roads And ... Even Loss Of TV Signals ?

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Makes a change from the usual winter ailments ?

Freeview TV signal problems : YouView issues statement as hundreds lose TV channels.

TV signal problems have been reported across Hull and East Yorkshire.

A Freeview provider is urging Hull customers not to retune their boxes after hundreds lost access to their TV channels.

Residents in several post codes across the city and in areas of East Yorkshire were left disgruntled on Friday evening after finding out they couldn't watch their favourite shows.

The YouView website pointed blame at "bad weather conditions" and said it is part of "living in Britain" - and the company is urging disgruntled users to "weather the storm".

The bad news is that the company said the heatwave means the problem could easily continue up until Sunday evening.

Twitter account YouView support tweeted: "Some users may experience some signal interference or loss of channels this weekend (28th-30th June) due to high atmospheric pressure. Whilst there is high pressure, we would recommend not retuning your YouView box."

The outage occurred on Friday evening and has been blamed on the scorching weather as the UK experiences a bout of high pressure - blessing Hull and East Yorkshire with soaring temperatures on Saturday.

Problems with the Freeview signal were reported from users n the HU3, HU5, HU6, HU7, HU8 and HU9 areas of the city who said they couldn't get any channels yesterday evening.

People also reported that the the TV programmes they had recorded through the box on Sky "were just blank".

Customers were not happy with the service as they took to social media to vent their frustrations of sitting round the TV on a Friday evening with nothing to watch.

One said: "Thank god it wasn't just me.. been angrily shouting at my TV for the past hour."

Jodie Lynn said: "Explains why I've being trying to wriggle the wires around for ages trying to get my sky box working."

Wendy Gibbons posted: "So that's why my tv not working tonight. Been playing with the Arial with no result thinking it was that."

Jade Kinch said: "Why on earth would the hot weather turn the signal off on the TV what a load of c**p plus it was not hot last night."

One user said: "We ended up putting Netflix on, we had no channels at all from 7.30pm."

Despite the issues, other Facebook users came up with their own solutions.

One commented: "I have a solution guys... Put on a DVD. Or, and in know this maybe a bit too far for some, switch off the TV altogether and talk to the people in your house."

Youview has urged people not to retune their boxes following and asks them to visit a section of their website.

Posted on the company's site, it reads: "Living in Britain means you’re going to get some bad weather conditions from time to time. Conditions like high pressure can affect your signal.

"You can check the BBC website to check if there is any weather affecting your signal.

"If you’re affected by these conditions, then we’re afraid you’ll just have to weather the storm and wait for the weather to change. They don’t often last long."

Temperatures in Hull are expected to reach 27C in Hull on Saturday as a band of high pressure which has led to record-breaking temperatures comes to the east coast.

" Wrong type of atmospheric conditions " .... make a change from the wrong type of ... snow ?

Late 1980s ... Essex coast ... a few French / Dutch channels came ghosting in and out ... not the sort you would find on British
tv ... without a password and subscription nowadays ?

Certaining acted as a stimulus for the ghost hunting business at the time.

( " How did you know they were Dutch , Chris ? "

" They were still wearing their clogs ! " )
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