Here's a good joke

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Firstly, apologies to any morris dancers out there!

A man was driving through a small village when he saw some morris dancers dancing and thought to himself that he wouldn't mind trying that, so he went to see the person in charge and told him to meet him when they had finished in the town hall. So when the time came and they both started talking, the man in charge said to the man that he needed to have a medical done, the man queried this and said that he was fit enough, the man in charge explained that it was due to health and safety and told the man to come back in a weeks time when the medical had come back.
So the man went back in a weeks time to see the man in charge, he said to the man that he had failed his medical, once again the man queried this, the man in charge asked if he had been circumstized, he replied that he had, but asked what that had to do with morris dancing, well the man in charge said that if you want to be a morris dancer, you'll have to be a complete prick. Image Image Image Image [/i]
Nice one Image Image Image I dont think they'll take me either then Image Image
Why not pick on another cultural minority who can't defend themselves, tuba players say, or synchronised swimmers?
Sorry, but I dont think this stereotype is that funny, I quite like watching Morris dancing and it keeps men fitter and helps prevent heart disease, as long as they dont drink themselves stupid afterwards.
It was only a joke, like the poor Irish man, wasn't picking on them at all and no harm was mean't Image
It was only a joke, like the poor Irish man, wasn't picking on them at all and no harm was mean't Image
I didn't know they practised circumcision - or morris dancing - in Ireland, ho ho! Image Image

(And no, that is not an invitation for a repeat of that dreadful and protracted debate about lace curtains v blinds we had a few months ago) Image Image Image
On holiday my bro Stan got knocked down by a hire car .. he said it hurtz ....

when out this morning met an old railway mate who sadly lost his arm in an accident at work. i asked him where he was going he said " he was going to change a light bulb" i replied " that will be very difficult " " nah " said Bill "ive still got the receipt "....