Guess The Movie?

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New Game;

I post a famous quote from a Movie, you have to guess the Movie
next person, posts their quote and so on...


" I'II be back - (answer )- Terminator

I'II start , easy one.

" You talkin' to me?." Image
Taxi Driver?
right, You forgot your quote from a movie Michael. Image
Neede to be sure i was right first......Yippee..... Image Image Image Image

`I coulda been a contenda`.
Rocky ?
No,quite a bit earlier than Stallone.Black and White movie.
On the waterfront ?
Yeh...Great Movie.Your Shot Mighty Minnie. Image Image Image
"Your gonna' need a bigger boat"
Can someone please guess this one as I know I know it and it's driving me mad I can't remember!
Image Image Image
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