Forum hall of fame 2013

Please feel free to join in or start any games.
Hi everyone,

It's been another great year on the forum, with some excellent advice, lots of support and a few sillier moments!

So, for a bit of fun, we thought we'd ask you for your forum highlights.

We've come up with the following categories:

1. Most helpful forum member:
2. Most entertaining forum member:
3. Most useful forum post:
4. Funniest forum discussion:
5. Forum member you'd most like on your side in a fight:

Let us know your nominations below!
Can we add some more? I think we also need
6 Most memorable avatar
7 Most prolific user of emoticoms
8 Member with your favourite signature
9 Most loved up couple Image
Oh Cmon, it's a party, we can let our hair down a bit more than that:
10. Troll of the Year
11. Spammer Supreme
12. Most compulsive/obsessive poster
13. Sexiest avatar (female)
14. Sexiest avatar (male)
Oh dear, I think Id probably be a strong contender for spammer supreme Image Image
You won't nominate yourself for sexiest bloke? Unusual modesty!
Looks like a teetotal party to me Image
Well thats me buggered then Image Image Image
Can we have an anonymous submission process?
Image Image Image Scally I'm not here Image Image
Can we have an anonymous submission process?

We discussed putting it as a poll Scally, but not really a viable option as we have so many members, posts, avatars etc to pick from.

I'd have to vote for Bodg as most entertaining member...........Bodg your posts have kept me smiling and giggling through many a day. Image